Whether you have just moved into a new home or have recently been a victim of theft, changing your locks is an important step in making your home a safer, more secure place. Over time locks can get damaged by rust or become outdated, making it easier for individuals to tamper with entryways and break in. If your lock has visible signs of rust, demonstrates resistance when using your keys or has noticeable damage, it may be time to change your locks.

If you have recently lost your keys, we always recommend changing your locks straight away to prevent yourself from being a victim of a burglary. At Cathedral Locksmiths, our team is fully trained to repair and replace locks so you can rest easy knowing that your property is safe.

Using our experience and knowledge of lock changes in Ely we can recommend locking systems tailored to your requirements and budget, providing a solution that is right for you. Whether you’re looking for professionals in Ely or a Cambridge Locksmith, we can help.

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    We have an extensive range of lock types available, including:

    Diagram of a lock

    Mortice Locks

    A mortice lock is a common lock in most households. It requires a small section of the door to be cut out so that the lock can be fitted. This type of lock can include a non-locking latch that can keep the door unlocked for a period of time.

    Padlocks Closeup


    Padlocks are used for a variety of properties and items and open only open with one key. Padlocks are open made out of materials that cannot be cut through so in the case of a lost key, they must be opened by a locksmith.

    code lock with digits

    Code Locks

    Code locks are a great way to ensure that a number of different people can open a lock without the need for multiple keys. This type of lock is great for commercial buildings and public properties with private access areas.

    yale smart ed lock

    Yale Smart Locks

    Padlocks are used for a variety of properties and items and open only open with one key. Padlocks are open made out of materials that cannot be cut through so in the case of a lost key, they must be opened by a locksmith.

    Macro shot of window latch

    Window Locks

    Secure windows are a vital part of ensuring your home or property is safe. Often, homeowners can forget about windows and can fail to keep them secure when leaving. We can provide safe window locks designed to protect your property from all areas.

    Lock Changes and Repairs

    Shed Locks

    We often leave expensive appliances in our sheds which is why it’s important to ensure that each lock able to protect your belongings. We supply a range of shed locks that will secure your outside shed and prevent any break-ins.

    Garage carport

    Garage Door Locks

    Garage Door Locks are vital in protecting entrances to your property and any belongings stored in your garage. There are many different types of garage door locks so we’ll be able to advise you on the best for your property.

    Fence lock closeup

    Gate Locks

    It’s important to ensure that all entrances to your property are secure and prevent any uninvited visitors. Gate locks can come in many different varieties, including lock and key, latch and digital code.

    Yale lock closeup

    Cabinet Locks

    Have you got specific items you need to keep locked away and safe? Cabinet locks are a great way to keep items extra safe within your property. Whether you lose your key or forget your code, we are able to unlock your cabinet and replace with a safe and secure lock.

    bsi logo

    British Standard Locks

    All the locks we provide are British standard locks meaning they have been certified by the British Standard Institute for meeting the required security standards. Some insurance providers will insist you have British Standard Locks so it’s important to check before a break in happens.

    A lock after our locksmith in Ely service

    Suited Master Keyed Systems

    If you need a master key system and you’re not sure where to begin, we have a range of lock systems available and will help your chose the right one for your property. From small offices to multistory buildings, we can provide you with a master key system that fits your needs perfectly.

    Oval abloy lock

    Oval Cylinders

    Oval Cylinders are used in addition with an oval mortice lock. This fits through the door a and will allow a door to be locked from a single key from one side only. This can be implemented as part of a master systems which allows for one key to open multiple locks, or can be unique so that it only fits with on key.

    code lock with digits

    Digital Code Reader

    Digital Code readers will respond to specific codes and are a great solution for keyless access. Although safe, there is a chance as with any lock that it can become jammed, broken or the code is forgotten.

    Emergency Locksmith

    Anti Snap Locks

    Lock snapping is a very common method used by vandals and burglars to break into a property that has a euro cylinder lock. We can provide anti snap locks that prevent burglars doing this to your lock, helping to make your property safer.

    Close up of a till

    Till Drawer Locks

    Keeping a till secure is extremely important when running a retail store. At any given time tills can hold a large amount of money that can attract burglars. Ensure your tills are safe with British Standard Till Drawer Locks from Cathedral Locksmiths.