Over time locks can deteriorate and problems such as rust can occur, as well as being unsightly this can make the lock weaker and easier to tamper with. Rust is an iron oxide and is formed by the reaction of iron and oxygen with water or air moisture. In most metals derived from iron such as steel, rusting will occur and produce a flaky surface which will eventually disintegrate. Locks that are on the outside of your home are subjected to all types of weather conditions. The summer weather can be a huge trigger for rust as the hot humid weather creates the perfect atmosphere for rust and corrosion to multiply. If you have not maintained your outside locks then rust build up can occur which can cause the keyhole to block up or stop the mechanism from turning.

Weak locks can be spotted by those looking to target homes and sheds as rusty or damaged locks will be much easier to open by force. If you have a padlock on a shed or gate that has gone rusty you may need to have it forcibly removed and replaced with a new one. When a padlock goes rusty the internal mechanism can seize up meaning that the bearings will be unable to release the shackle. In most cases, the lock will then have to be cut off.

It is best to maintain your outdoor locks if you want them to last and the easiest way to do this is to regularly clean and use your locks. A lock lubricant such as a silicone spray can be sprayed on once a month. The silicon will create a protective seal preventing the iron in the lock encountering air and any moisture. After spraying the silicon into the lock, lock and unlock the padlock several times as this will distribute the silicon throughout the inner mechanism. As well as using a lock lubricant, regularly wipe over the lock to ensure dust and debris are not collecting inside.

If you have noticed rust appearing in your locks then it is best to replace them with brand new ones, not only will this look more aesthetically pleasing but new locks will be much more secure. Cathedral Locksmiths are always on hand to solve your lock issues and we are happy to visit your home and advise you in the best way to keep it secure. If you require any lock changes for your gates or sheds we have a wide variety available.

Summer is the ideal time to increase your home security and brand new locks will provide you with this. We offer a no call out fee service, so you do not have to pay a penny unless you choose to have work carried out. Contact us today on 01353 930139 and chat to one of our friendly team members who will be happy to answer any questions.