As the summer season continues we enjoy hot, sunny days and warm balmy evenings. For many of us, that means we leave our windows and doors open whilst we try to catch a cool breeze. While we enjoy summer days and evenings in our gardens we should not forget that this time of the year is rich pickings for potential burglars or intruders. Leaving windows open at the front of the house may help with air flow but it can also act as a magnet for those looking to make some quick cash.

Always ensure your front door and front windows are locked if you are in the back garden as impulsive burglars will often attempt to open front doors and make a quick grab and go. Car keys and handbags are quite often left in hallways or on tables in plain sight and these can be taken in a few seconds if a front door is left unlocked. Leaving bikes or scooters in the front garden can also attract unwanted attention, as these items are very easy to steal as they can be picked up and taken in a matter of seconds. Ensure you lock them with suitable bike locks or better still, keep them locked in a shed or garage.

Prevention is key when keeping your home safe and Cathedral Locksmiths can provide advice on the best way to keep your home secure. Installing new locks or security door chains can provide you with reassurance and it is even possible to change all windows to fit a single key, therefore, making it quicker and easier to lock all your windows.

Consider changing your front door lock to one that requires a key to enter once the door shuts, that way if you forget to lock it properly it will still be locked from the outside. Side gates and sheds can also be fitted with secure locks which will make it harder for intruders. The more security you have the harder it will be for intruders and many will look for an easier target if you home is properly secured.

Hiding a spare key under a nearby mat or plant pot is often practised, especially if you have children or teenagers whom may forget their key. This is one of the easiest ways for you home to be broken into as most trespassers will search for a key. If you do require a key to be left on your property consider installing a key safe in a non-obvious position and using a code significant to only you and your family.

Cathedral Locksmiths are on hand to offer you advice on securing your home and keeping your property safe. Our qualified Locksmiths are based in Ely but also cover Peterborough, Cambridge and St Neots and we can visit your home to assess any potential areas for improvement.

If you do find yourself locked out or with a broken lock in need of repair our team are available 24/7 so do not hesitate to call.