If you are going on holiday or for a weekend away then it is vital to check the security of your home. On average 60% of burglaries occur whilst nobody is at home so we have compiled a check list to improve your home security whilst you are away.

1. Cancel papers or milk deliveries

Piled up newspapers or unmoved deliveries are a clear indicator that nobody is at home, consider asking a relative or neighbour to check on your home and move any items that have been left.

2. Cut the grass

Give your lawns and garden a quick trim and tidy before you go away as an unkempt garden can make it obvious you are away.

3. Use timers

Set lamps or radios on timers as this will make it look like your home is still occupied.

4. Lock away any garden tools

Lock away any tools such as spades or ladders that may be left in your garden as these can help burglars break into your home.

5. Check padlocks and locks on garden gates or outbuildings

Ensure your locks and padlocks are in good order before you go away, poor quality products or faulty locks will be easier to tamper with.

6. Lock all windows and doors

Make sure you lock all your windows and doors inside your home, it is easy to forget to lock smaller windows but these can still be used to access your home.

7. Remove all keys from locks and hide them away

Keys that are on show can be very tempting for a potential intruder so it is best to keep them out of sight.

8. Put your car keys in a safe

If you have a safe then use it to store any keys or valuable items.

9. Remove all valuable items from your car

If you are not taking your car with you on holiday and it will be left on your drive or at the side of the road, remove any valuable items that may be targeted by thieves.

10. Use external lights on your house, sheds or garages.

Consider installing security lights around your property, those with motion detectors will act as a deterrent and help keep your home safe.

11. Unplug all electrical devices that are not in use.

To prevent any electrical fires, it is best to unplug all devices that are not in use.

12. Set your home alarm

If you do not currently have an alarm on your home or garage consider installing one before you go away as this will alert you if anyone tries to access your home.

If you need help improving your home security or replacing your locks then Cathedral locksmiths are on hand to help. Our friendly team are here to provide you with the best advice on keeping your home safe. Contact us today for any questions or queries on keeping your home safe