Having a security budget for a business is essential. However, it is also an important task that is often overlooked. Many people don’t realise the many benefits that budgeting for business security can bring to the business.

Why have a security Budget?

One of the biggest benefits of a security budget is the fact you can bounce back from negative outcomes, such as business break-ins. This is because in your security budget you should have a contingency plan for insurance and security surveying; which is an essential part of your budget. The two coupled together will make insurance recoveries seamless due to having paperwork in place that shows you have taken sufficient measures to protect your business.

The Cathedral Locksmiths team can complete security surveying for your business. A security survey of your business covers many different security checks. This includes the checking of locks on all windows and doors. We will also check that you have the correct keys for the windows and doors, get broken locks and keys fixed and replace missing locks; as this ensures vulnerabilities are minimised on the property.

Benefits of Security Surveying

Another benefit of a security survey being completed by a professional locksmith is that, in many cases, it will result in a lower business insurance rate. On top of this theft will be less likely and your business will be safer and more secure. You will also find that a security survey will help you save money for the business long term as there will be fewer security risks and a safer office.

Many company owners do not know how secure their business really is. A business security survey will help highlight the areas of concern and help you protect your property and employees. Some security flaws may not be obvious, however, they will be giving intruders the perfect opportunity to break-in, cause damage to your office or steal valuable items.

Our professional locksmiths will complete a security check on your business. They will complete a report of vulnerabilities within your building as well as make recommendations to give your assets that extra bit of security.

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