Whether you’ve had a key for a few years or suddenly your newly cut key is not fitting into your lock correctly – there are some things to check for.

We’ve had many calls over the years where keys just simply stop working! Be it the door and lock appear stiffer, meaning the key is not turning, or the door itself just is not closing properly due to the lock. Here, we look at what to check for if your key no longer fits into your lock correctly and break down what the common problems are:

It could be the door

Is it positioned correctly? As simple as it sounds, sometimes the door being loose at the hinges can stop it from closing correctly – which in turn would alter how the lock is positioned. You also should remember that both wood and metal will expand in the heat – so if it’s a summer month where the problems persist, that could be your ticket.

It could be the door handle

Most common in new doors, locks and handles come as a package and in the same ‘unit’; it’s not unusual to have a handle slightly agar and therefore prohibit the locking mechanism to function accordingly. Is the door closed correctly? Have you given the handle a wiggle to see if there’s any room for it to move about? Sometimes, you’ll find you need to pull the handle towards you, ensure it’s fully ‘up’ or even it’s not completely locked to begin with.

It could be the lock

Is there some debris within the lock? If the lock carries some age, it could have been worn down. Take some WD40 and give it a blast. This could clear the problem or at least lubricate the lock so the key should slot in.

It could be the key

Your key could be warped; it could’ve been scuffed (especially if you dropped it outside); it could have dirt in the grooves; or it could just be cut poorly (and also weak in structure). If you find it difficult to use or bend in the lock, stop right there, and look at getting it replaced before you’re locked out entirely and need an emergency locksmith to stop by!

If you’re continuing to have troubles with your doors, your locks or your keys, get in touch with the locksmith specialists Cathedral Locksmiths. We can be with you in under half an hour and take a look at your problem – all with a smile.