We all want to make sure our home and family are secure at all times, but have you really thought about who has access to your most treasured possessions? Read our top tips for maximising the safety of your home.

1. Who has access to keys?

It’s always a sensible idea to leave a spare key with someone in case you find yourself locked out but are you really sure of who has keys to your home? Over the years neighbours may come and go and keys to your home may be passed on to people you wouldn’t usually trust. If you are moving into a new home, we recommend changing the locks in case an old spare key gets into the wrong hands.

2. Lost keys?

Losing your keys may not have been a problem at the time because you could use the spare cut but where is your key now? Who knows where your keys may have ended up or who may have hold of them.

3. Are your windows locked?

As summer slowly comes around and we leave doors and windows open to let the air in but are you checking they are closed and locked before you leave the house? Open doors and windows are the easiest and most common way for trespassers to access a property and a quick simple check form you can prevent this.

4. How private is your garden?

Your garden is your own private area but if you do not have locks on your gates it can invite in unwanted visitors.

5. Are your outhouses secure?

Sheds and garages store some of our most expensive possessions including cars, bikes and electronic equipment and are therefore common hotspots for burglaries. Check that you have adequate locks on your garden stores to protect yourself from theft.

Checking, repairing and replacing locks will quickly improve your home security. Cathedral Locksmiths are on hand to provide locksmith services in Cambridgeshire and do so with no call out fee. Our team work 24/7 and are professional and reliable.

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