Just moved home? Worried that your property is vulnerable to burglars? Home security surveys are an ideal way to check for areas that are dragging down the security of your home. It may be things you’ve overlooked, or just haven’t thought about. A professional Cambridge locksmith knows the best tricks of the trade and can carry out a comprehensive assessment of your home. In this guide, we’re looking at exactly how these surveys work with a helpful list of checks.

How does a home security survey work?

Make sure you choose a reputable security surveyor. Don’t accept a cold caller as they may not carry official credentials. They may also charge an overinflated price.

By choosing a City & Guilds qualified locksmith, such as Cathedral Locksmith in Cambridge, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality service.

Once you’ve chosen your surveyor, you can arrange a suitable time to visit your property. They will need access to all your windows, doors and entrance ways. This will enable them to sufficiently evaluate if there are any locks that need upgrading or areas that are vulnerable.

You should get a report on the surveyor’s findings. You can choose to get advice on which products or services to buy through the surveyor or you can do your own research. It’s up to you.

What does a home security surveyor check?

  • Locks on doors and windows
  • Garage door and shed locks
  • Property boundaries and access points
  • Alarm and CCTV systems

In general, they’ll look for any weak spots and suggest areas for improvement. You can choose to take some or all of the advice on board. If they suggest a lock needs replacing, they should be able to advise on which type of lock is best.

If you need a Cambridge Locksmith to provide a security survey or replace a broken lock, contact the team at Cathedral Locksmiths today to get a quote.