As the leaves start to change colour and we transition into Autumn, days become shorter, evenings draw in and nights become longer. Securing your home should be a top priority as darker days create more opportunities for those looking to break in or cause trouble.

Take the time to secure your garden including any sheds or outbuildings, check that your locks are all functional or if you use padlocks check they are in working order and not suffering from rust or decay. If you find any of these have deteriorated then get those locks replaced, this is particularly important as we are less inclined to regularly check our garden sheds and outbuildings in the winter, meaning a break into one of these buildings may go unnoticed for a while.

Check your fences and any gates surrounding your property for signs of damage or wear and tear. If you do not currently have a lock on your gate then consider installing one that can be padlocked or properly secured. This will deter any unwanted intruders from trying to enter your property and garden by any side entrances.

If you are out at work all day then you may be returning home once it has already fallen dark, so consider your entry route to your home. If you already have security lights in your home, check they are in working order and properly light up your front entrance. This will allow you to see clearly from a distance that your property is safe and will enable you to find the lock on your front door with ease. If you enter your property through a side entrance or the back then consider installing more security lights in these areas as this will aid you entering your home quicker. Lights which have a motion sensor detector are a great deterrent as they will alert you if someone is moving around your property.

If you have a garage then check that this is secure too, unless you use it regularly to store your vehicle then it is unlikely you will notice if anyone has tried to tamper with it. With darker days and nights on the horizon, we spend less time outside and more time inside our homes meaning we do not always keep an eye on our other buildings. If you have a side door into your garage check that the lock is secure and functional and consider replacing it with a new lock if it is not up to scratch.

Cathedral Locksmiths are readily available to help with any replacement locks you may need fitting. We can offer advice if you are unsure of the best way to secure your home and any outbuildings that it may include. Our team are also available 24/7 whatever the weather for any emergency locksmith requirements you may have.