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Most burglars are opportunists. They look for vulnerable properties that have valuables in plain sight. In this Cambridge Locksmith guide, we’re looking at tried and tested ways you can make your property less attractive to burglars. Get a security survey A security survey can be carried out by professional locksmiths. They’ll assess all the locks […]

Just moved home? Worried that your property is vulnerable to burglars? Home security surveys are an ideal way to check for areas that are dragging down the security of your home. It may be things you’ve overlooked, or just haven’t thought about. A professional Cambridge locksmith knows the best tricks of the trade and can […]

As local Cambridge locksmiths, we have seen many new faces move into the city and the surrounding areas, having completed numerous lock changes and security surveys for the local residents. However, as lockdown hit and restrictions were put in place around moving house, we couldn’t predict the effect this may have on the housing market […]

Lost your keys, had them stolen or sadly been broken into? Here at Cathedral Locksmiths, we understand that being unable to access your property can leave you feeling panicked or at risk – but we are here to help! Take a breath and read our short blog on what to do if you require an […]

Cathedral Locksmiths now offer vehicle entry service in your local area! Being locked out of your car is a true emergency and can panic many people, however,   don’t worry, we are here to help. Cathedral Locksmiths proudly offer a fast and effective auto locksmith service in Ely and surrounding localities. We have a proven track […]

If you come home to find your windows broken, you need to know what to do and how to act fast. Here is our list of advice and actions to take to ensure your home is safe and secure as soon as possible following the discovery. Coming home to find your home has been broken […]

Moving into a new home can be an excitable time for us all, the eagerness to finally recreate your Pinterest home ideas into your own is becoming too much to bare! This readiness to move in often takes over, pushing the more important checks to the back of our mind. We’re here to give you […]

As the leaves start to change colour and we transition into Autumn, days become shorter, evenings draw in and nights become longer. Securing your home should be a top priority as darker days create more opportunities for those looking to break in or cause trouble. Take the time to secure your garden including any sheds […]

If you are going on holiday or for a weekend away then it is vital to check the security of your home. On average 60% of burglaries occur whilst nobody is at home so we have compiled a check list to improve your home security whilst you are away. 1. Cancel papers or milk deliveries Piled […]

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